Keeping Street Flyers, Stickers & Posters off for Good has Never Been Easier With our Vertical Litter Anti-Stick Products

"A couple of months ago, when 3 BIAs were inundated overnight with hundreds of posters on all our poles, the only 6 poles in the 3 BIAs without posters were my six poles with Bella Anti-Stick Paint!"

Annie MacInnisExecutive Director
Kensington Business Revitalization Zone

Our Anti-Stick Solutions Offer Many Benefits


Benefit from eye-level marketing that gets noticed by visitors every day.

ATTRACT more businessES

Businesses want to be in areas that are attractive, clean and safe.

impress locals & tourists

Few things say “welcome” more than a clean downtown area for locals and tourists.

Our Anti-Stick Wrap & Anti-Stick Paint Keep Flyers, Stickers & Posters Off


Bella Anti-Stick Wraps’ patented technology repels adhesives, making unsightly postering a thing of the past. But Bella Anti-Stick Wrap is more than your overdue solution to ugly stickers and flyers. They’re in demand for eye-level branding that gets noticed. Get the benefit of street poles, traffic and utility cabinets wrapped in your unique design and show off your area pride.
Bella Anti-Stick Wrap Application
Bella Anti-Stick Paint Application


Our Vertical Litter™ Anti-Stick Paint is the perfect solution for expensive historical and decorative light poles. It is a welcomed solution for municipalities to ensure a safe, clean and non-distracting driving experience for motorists. Our paint colour matching process is yours to leverage.

We've Done Some Great Work Along The Way...

See the difference Bella Anti-Stick Solutions makes to streetscapes.

Locals, tourists and businesses do!


You are assured of innovative technology backed by patents attesting to the uniqueness of Bella Anti-Stick System. As the North American exclusive provider of anti-stick solutions, we stand by you and the results. But don’t just take our word for it, check out just some of our customer feedback below.

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