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Street Pole After Bella Anti-Stick Paint

Adhesive Resistant

With over 5000 unique applications, we know our Vertical Litter™ Anti-Stick Wrap works! Take the challenge. Get your free sample today and test it yourself.

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Street Branding

The visual impact of back to back street poles wrapped in consistent imagery is undeniable and frankly, wanting. In fact, some customers leverage the branding feature of Bella Anti-Stick Wrap, even when postering is minimal at best, purely for the benefit this unique eye-level marketing brings to their area.

Future Proofing Your Investment

Regardless of the reason for highlighting your streetscape with Bella Anti-Stick Wraps, know that your investment brings you peace of mind from future flyers and stickers adhesion or graffiti pastings. Nothing else has you covered like Bella Anti-Stick solutions.

Simple To Implement

If you’re thinking that this will be a time-consuming and difficult process, we’ve got good news.

A quick measure of your poles and a graphic design is about all we need. If you don’t have access to a graphic designer and want guidance on a design, we’ll take care of that for you.


Examples of Bella Anti-Stick Wrap

The images below are the “before” versions. Click any image for the “after” version.

Bella Wrap

Bella Wrap

Bella Wrap

Bella Wrap

Bella Wrap

Bella Wrap

Bella Wrap

Bella Wrap

Bella Wrap

Bella Anti Stick Wrap Application

Local Installation

We offer a number of programs to maximize the application process by your local crew.  We also make our installation experts available to you regardless of your location.


You are assured of innovative technology backed by patents attesting to the uniqueness of Bella Anti-Stick System. As the North American exclusive provider of anti-stick solutions, we stand by you and the results. But don’t just take our word for it, check out just some of our customer feedback below.

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