Graffiti Prevention

Graffiti prevention has long been high on the wish-list of BIAs, building owners, municipalities and transportation companies alike. While no product exists today to effectively repel graffiti, our Bella Anti-Stick Wraps help to discourage tagging.

The Wrap Design

A busy design can assist in keeping the attraction of tagging at bay.

This sample design for Bella Anti-Stick wraps is busy and practical and would easily discourage tagging.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Our natural world also provides an opportunity to bring busy and beautiful together to discourage taggers.

Here are two examples of one person’s backyard applied to Bella Anti-Stick Wraps that even taggers will respect.

Our Bella Anti-Stick Wraps Come With A Secret Weapon: An Anti-Graffiti Feature!

Our Anti-Stick Wraps and Paints do a great job at repelling adhesives, but what happens if someone spray paints – or “tags” – one of our Wraps?

It’s a question we get all the time.

We’ve got the solution.

In the unlikely event our Wraps get tagged, we’ve included an anti-graffiti feature into our patented solutions (Bell Anti-Stick Wrap and Bella Anti-Stick Paint) to remove the offending paint, quickly and easily.

Used in combination with SafeWipes™, removing unsightly graffiti paint has never been easier. Or faster.

We can’t magically stop anyone from tagging, but we can make the process of having it removed simple and easy.

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