Street Beautification Services

Street beautification is in our DNA...

Which is why we tend to go slightly bonkers when we see an unkempt streetscape.

We are proud of the contribution our Vertical Litter™ Anti-Stick Solutions play in improving the appearance of main streets, but we also recognize there are more areas on sidewalks that need addressing.

Our goal is to elevate the visual experience of all Business Improvement Areas (BIAs).

Welcome To Our "Clean Street & Maintenance" Program

We recognize that each Toronto and surrounding Business Improvement Area (BIA) has its unique cleaning requirements, always based on a limited budget.

That’s why we provide a flexible à la carte program that is yours to choose and alter as your needs and budget change.

If you need us for just a week, we’ll be there.

A month, quarter or year?

We’re yours.

Featuring Quality Reports You Can Depend On

The quality of our work and our responsiveness to BIAs like you are why more and more clients are calling us for help.

We also add extra value by providing you with reports showcasing work accomplished to share with your board and local businesses.

Your investment is important to your stake holders. We get that.

Our accountability to you is important to us.

Break Out The Welcome Mat!

A clean street is your welcome mat for locals and guests to shop and spend.

We provide the following services to make your welcome warm, safe and inviting:

Our Anti Stick Solutions Include:

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