Navigating COVID-19 With Custom Plexiglass (Acrylic) Table Shields For Restaurants, Hospitality & Retail Businesses

With many local businesses in the hospitality and retail sectors waiting to re-open, navigating safe and productive social distancing practices during these times will be one of their biggest challenges.

Our custom plexiglass table shields provide those businesses with an affordable, fast and viable solution to effectively help with this challenge.

With our table shields in place, your customers will feel confident and reassured in your ability to protect them.

Whether you operate a restaurant, bar, nightclub, hotel, or any other retail business environment, our custom table shields will help you get back to business.

Plexiglass Sneeze Guards & Shields For Restaurants
Plexiglass Sneeze Guards & Shields For Restaurants

Our Customized Plexiglass Table Shields Are Perfect For:

Our manufacturer is one of Canada’s leading suppliers of custom-designed automation systems.

Located in Toronto, we’ve been working with clients all across Canada and throughout the United States, serving a multitude of industries including automotive, healthcare, packaging, food & beverage, construction, and much, much more.

The rapid growth of technology has made manufacturing very competitive, and we know that as you try to stay ahead of the curve, you don’t want the same automation products that everyone else has.

That is why we will customize your products for you.

Solutions that are made just for you, that nobody else possesses, can be a key component in maintaining your competitive advantage.

Our impressive range of products and services include the following:

Consulting Services


Consulting in the field of ISO 9001:2000, TS 16949, AS9100 and other quality management standards.
Assembly Systems


Stand-alone and In-Line machines. Multi-Station linear and rotary systems. Manufacturing cells and lines.
Press Control Services


Press operation. Programmable die safety. Brake and fly wheel monitoring. Integrated servo feeders. 

Engineering Services


Reverse engineering – the process of deconstructing a product in order to see how it works or how it fits together.
Material Handling Systems


Robotic systems (articulated, Cartesian, SCARA) Feeding equipment and Transfer lines.
Custom Packaging Automation


No matter what your product is, we have a unique and custom packaging solution ready for you.
Design Services


In order to create an accurate model of a design, a 3D operational file that will work with the 3D printer is required.
Custom Construction Automation


Understanding the challenges of the construction industry, we know that it is unique.
Custom Automotive Automotion


Automotive automation systems designed just for you. We know that the industry is becoming more competitive.

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Canadian Restaurant & Hospitality Shields & Sneeze Guards

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